Carports And Shade Sails In Melbourne

Carports And Shade Sails In Melbourne

Shade Sails For The Contemporary Melbourne Home

Melbourne’s climate can be erratic at times, to the point where it can feel as though all four seasons come and go in the space of a single day. While the rain and the wind can often be a mild nuisance, there is nothing more relentless than that blaring summer sun. When temperatures peak for hours on end at upwards of over 25°C, metal surfaces become too hot to touch and rubber and plastic can warp, and even melt, under prolonged exposure to extreme heat. This is why it is always a good idea to invest in shade sails for just about anywhere in Melbourne.

Shade sails are particularly ideal for outdoor settings in Melbourne. There is the obvious benefit of protecting friends and family from direct UV exposure, especially while hosting a barbeque or a party. However, shade sails are important for all those days in between the special occasions to ensure that plastic chairs and tables are out of the summer rays. Rather than end up with a backyard full of cracked, blistering and worn furniture, our shade sails in Melbourne will complement a variety of architectural styles, adding value to your place while ensuring that you get the most out of your outdoor furniture and setting.

To learn more about how to complement your Melbourne residence with shade sails, give the team at Future Shade a call.

Carports in Melbourne that beat the sun

Have you ever experienced the searing touch of a scorching hot seat belt or steering wheel? It can be a massive inconvenience to deal with, especially when you are in a hurry. The situation can be avoided simply by parking in the shade. Sometimes, though, there are no trees, garages, or artificial structures around to do the job properly. Fortunately, the team at Future Shade have a selection of carports for homes and businesses in Melbourne so that you can go about your day-to-day routines unhindered by inconvenient things like extreme heat.

Carports in Melbourne are also essential for maintaining your vehicles. The summer sun can wear the paintwork of your vehicle, and can also affect the upholstery, and the dashboard, as well as anything else that may be sensitive to UV exposure and the heat. Our carports in Melbourne are a great preventative measure to keep your automotive assets safe.

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Shade sails and carports are a necessity for Melbourne businesses and homes looking to protect outdoor settings and vehicles. To learn more about our great range of carports and shade sails in Melbourne, get in touch with our friendly staff today. Call 1300 336 776 or leave a message online.

Modern Carports in Melbourne

Modern Carports in Melbourne

Functional and stylish: Modern Carports in Melbourne

With modern trends towards architecture becoming more reliant on glass, steel and reinforced concrete, the landscape of Melbourne is changing. The Victorian architecture of Flinders street still exists but is counterbalanced with the likes of federation square. We can see the Victorian influence in the General Post office, and modernism in Melbourne’s tallest building Eureka Tower.

But outside of the CBD we see the old and the new often sharing the same street. And while the integrity of the old should always be retained, the shift towards more modern design cannot be dissuaded. Future Shade has witnessed the impact of this in an oft-overlooked home feature. That is Melbourne’s carports.

One of the elements unique to this city is parking. More often than not garage parking is not available. This has lead homeowners towards creative design alternatives to accommodate the family car.

And with limited space, carports have evolved in both function and design. Some designs place support posts to one side, minimizing the real estate of the carport whilst still protecting cars from Melbourne’s indecisive weather.

Furthermore, the quality of materials doesn’t just look good but are also created to endure 125km winds, with polycarbonate roofing shields made 250 times stronger than glass. This ensures the car has ample protection from the elements; rain, hail or shine.

While the practical applications of a carport cannot be understated, the design is just as important. Consider a homes resale value. With no garage a carport can be a welcome alternative to parking. And a smart design modern carport, can be constructed to match the aesthetic of your home.

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So, for a smart investment as well as smart design, consider a modern looking carport in Melbourne. Future shade are experts in carports, offering hassle-free installation. Call us today on 1300 336 776.

Quality Steel Carports for Melbourne Homes

Quality Steel Carports for Melbourne Homes

Add Value to Your Property
Future Shade carports in Melbourne are designed for functionality as well as aesthetics. Browse our section of cantaports and let us know what you are looking for. Our team can assist you by finding the best designs to complement the décor and architecture of your house.

Protect your Car
Most importantly, the whole point of investing in our shade solutions is to provide a barrier for your vehicles against the elements. Our carports in Melbourne are ideal for blocking UV exposure so lessen the effect of sunlight damaging the vibrant colours of your vehicle’s duco. Also, our installations offer great protection during storms and rainy weather.

Additional Shade During Summer
If you happen to be out for a drive but the kids are playing by the side of the house, a cantaport is a convenient source of shade. Make the most of your investment with Future Shade. To learn more about our great range of carports in Melbourne, contact us.

The Future Shade Advantage

In addition to providing adequate shade and weather protection for vehicles, we also provide a variety of shading solutions for pools, spas, patios and other outdoor areas for residential properties.

Our carports in Melbourne come in a prefabricated kit and are available in a range of colours from silver and urban grey to bronze and black. Take advantage of our 10-year warranty on all components. Product features include:

  • Premium quality polycarbonate roofing shield
  • 100% blockage of UV rays
  • Waterproof gutter system for weather changes
  • Able to withhold winds of up 125km
  • Anodised aluminium framework
  • Heat reduction of up to 75%
  • A variety of colours including silver, urban grey, bronze and black
  • Easy maintenance and installation

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We offer premium shade solutions for homes, business, schools and so much more. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirement for durable and effective carports in Melbourne.

Keeping the Winter Weather Away with Carports in Melbourne

Keeping the Winter Weather Away with Carports in Melbourne

The harsh winter weather in Melbourne can cause extensive damage to your vehicle. Hail and excessive snow can leave dent marks on the body of your car, especially if you don’t park it under shelter. If there is space available outside your house, why not install a carport? Carports not only look good, but also provide you with a functional shade that offers protection during both the summer and winter seasons.

In the winter, it protects against hail, rainfall, and other atmospheric elements. During the summer, it helps prevent the paint from being damaged due to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Maximum Protection

One of the best carports in Melbourne that you can choose is the Cantaport. Made from highly durable polycarbonate roofing shield, the Cantaport is a suitable choice for homeowners throughout the city. It offers complete protection against environmental elements, and has a built-in guttering system to get rid of any water that might accumulate on top.

The carport can reduce heat in any area by up to 75% in the summer, and its slim-line appearance is ideal for adding a sleek touch to your house.

Easy to Install

If you are browsing through different carports in Melbourne, the Cantaport is a very popular choice with home owners across the city. Offering ease of installation this multipurpose carport comes in a prefabricated kit. It also features a warranty of up to ten years, along with a certificate of authenticity to ensure that your investment remains safe and sound.

The Cantaport doesn’t require great maintenance either; the durability of the material from which it is made makes it the ideal choice as an investment to the look of your home and the protection of your vehicles.

Once installed, the Cantaport offers protection to different areas, ranging from swimming pools, alfresco dining areas, patios, and of course, your car parking space! Call Future Shade to order yours.

Carports in Melbourne for Improved Curb Appeal

Carports in Melbourne for Improved Curb Appeal

Homeowners are often at a loss about how to improve the look of their house. If you have plenty of space available in the front yard, for instance, you have a lot of options to improve your curb side appeal. You could plant some flowers and cultivate a garden in the front yard, clean the windows and tidy the area, or add a statement making Cantaport from Future Shade.

As Melburnians, we are all too familiar with the erratic weather patterns. If you have large open spaces and not enough shelter, you may want to invest in a patio or an outdoor setting. What about your cars in the driveway? Are they protected from the weather? At Future Shade, we are the ultimate choice for Cantaports, a state of the art cantilevered carport.

What Is the Best Shade Option?

If you are looking for reliable carports in Melbourne, the Cantaport is an excellent choice. It is highly resilient while offering great protection against the weather. If you need a good quality shading solution at great value, then the Cantaport is a great choice. Not only is it very durable, but the Cantaport is versatile; it is a popular shading solution for swimming pools and patios, as well as for people who want to park their cars underneath them.

The Cantaport

Enjoy the aesthetically pleasing slim-line appearance of the Cantaport; it is made from polycarbonate roofing shield that completely blocks out UV rays and also comes with a waterproof guttering system to help protect you against unforeseen changes in the weather. Come hail or harsh weather, the cantaport will stand firm.

It is one of the best carports in Melbourne available to market, and comes with a ten-year warranty directly from the manufacturer, giving you peace of mind and security. The prefabricated kit is shipped and easy to install; simply follow the instructions to set up the Cantaport accordingly, or you can arrange for our installers to do all the work for you.

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We specialise in providing quality shading solutions for commercial, educational, residential and other industries. Get in touch with us today for a quote on 1300 336 776.

A New Generation in Carports Melbourne

A New Generation in Carports Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital and most populated city of the Australian state of Victoria, a sprawling metropolis situated on the beautiful bay of Port Philip. Awarded the ‘world’s most liveable city’ for six consecutive years, the education, entertainment, research and development, tourism and healthcare sectors are unrivalled in modern Australia.

Melbourne is also world renowned for its temperamental weather patterns, particularly in Spring where the weather careers between calm and warm and cold with hail stones and chilled winds in mere minutes. It is this variability that sees Melburnians ensuring protections are in place for their cars, boats, caravans and other outdoor vehicles through Future Shade, the preferred supplier of carports to Melbourne and the surrounding 31 municipalities.

Installing Carports in Melbourne

A cosmopolitan city which proudly boasts a fusion of nationalities, it’s landscape is dotted with contemporary buildings and a burgeoning residential sector, which has seen the steady growth of property prices over the past few years. A competitive marketplace, ensuring your home’s kerbside appeal has never been more pertinent, our carports in Melbourne offer the home owner a durable, rust resistant contemporary alternative to the more traditional carport. Featuring 2-posts for positioning, our cantilevered Cantaports are multifunctional shade solutions made from anodized aluminium, marine grade stainless screws and polycarbonate roof sheeting which reduces UV by 100%. Impressive and stylish, our carports for Melbourne clients can be positioned to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while maximising the surrounding area with its slimline design.

A New Generation in Carports Melbourne

Complement your home while protecting your investments with the shade sails specialists, Future Shade. Call today for your personal consultation.

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