Future Shade Partnering With Local Councils Across Melbourne

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Council Approval and Building Permits

Shade sails may be categorised as a fabric sailor a minor structure depending on the type of structure constructed. Each state may have varying requirements; at Future Shade, we can do the paperwork for you so you don’t have too. Generally speaking:

With a reputation for providing custom made outdoor shade sails for residential, commercial and educational applications, the team at Future Shade also boasts an exciting partnership with many local councils across the state. Engineering premium quality covered outdoor learning area shades (COLA), cantaports and tailored shading solutions to meet any purpose.

Boasting over 10 years of customer service, design, and installation excellence, Future Shade combines the latest 3D CAD technology with custom manufacturing capabilities to rise to the challenge of bespoke shading structures when requested from clients. When partnering with local council bodies to realise a vision that benefits the immediate community, we provide shading solutions for:

  • Recreational parks
  • Council-owned buildings
  • Childcare centers
  • Bus shelters
  • Council buildings and carparks
  • Beach coverings

Permits To Pergolas

  • If the sail you are planning to install measures under 20 square metres and is also under 3 metres in height, you will more than likely be exempt for requiring a building permit
  • If the outdoor sail is over 20 square metres or higher than 3 metres a building permit may be required from your local council
  • Enquiries can be made through the building department of your local council if you wish to arrange your own permit and approval
  • When a building permit is required there is a process that involves an engineering report, a title of the land, and a scale drawing of the planned sail or cantaport with elevations for approval
  • You may also require building insurance where applicable
  • We can provide engineering computations and organise the 1507 engineers’ report on your behalf​
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