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1. How do I Measure up for a supply only shade sail?

A, we will need measurements taken from each point if The sail has 4 or more points we will need diagonals.

2. My shade sail is old and dirty can I clean it?

A, yes you have 2 options, professionally cleaned Through future shade, or try and clean it yourself,You will need a gentle detergent so not to damage the UV, and a high pressure washer. If you use harsh chemicals like Chlorine you will void the warranty. So use caution

3. When do I need to tighten my shade sail?

A, on the installation day of your sail, you should be shown by 1 of the installers how to re tension your shade sail once it stretches. Get a feel of how tight your sail is during this time grab the edge of the sail, and give it a flick, watch the sails movement in the wind and learn how much it moves, after 6 – 12 months of your sails life it will be time to give it a tighten.

Simply undo the nuts located on the thread of the stainless steel turnbuckle and please I can’t stress this enough, grease the thread before you start to wind up the turn buckle, you can fuse the stainless steel thread by tensioning to much with lubrication.Outdoor Sun Shades

Simply insert a screwdriver into the slot and turn. Or you can apply a shifter to the outside body of the turnbuckle and wind it up, this method will help not to bend the turnbuckle.

Once you are happy with the tensioning remember to tighten up the nuts on the thread and your all done.

4. What warranty is offered for shade sail?

A, once a shade sail has been installed by future shade, you will receive 10 years UV degradation warranty on the shade cloth, and 7 years warranty against powder coating fading .

Future shade also offers a 7 year steel fabrication warranty against.

All warranties are under normal conditions , if you receive damage to your shade sail during a storm , this will then fall under storm damage on your home insurance .

We do recommend sails be taken down if you have warnings of a heavy storm .to avoid damage.

5. How much UV protection can we expect?

A, commercial quality shade cloth can range from 30% up to 98% block.

Unless instructed otherwise by the customer our standard cloth blocks 93% to 98% depending on colour choice.

Once you are happy with the tensioning remember to tighten up the nuts on the thread and your all done.

6. Do I require council permits for a shade sail?

A, good question, and the answer most of the time is yes.

If the shade sail you are planning to install is under 20 sqmt and is also under 3 mt. in height, most likely you will be exempt from a building permit.

If the sail is over 20sqmt or higher then 3mt a building permit may be required from your local council. The best way to check is to call up your local council and ask for building dept and check . When a building permit is required there are a few things you will need to do, like an engineering report a title of the land a scale drawing of the planned shade sail with elevations for approval.

We can help organise permits for you but they will cost a little more then organising one for yourself. If you have the time and your not scared off by a little paper work and organising jump into it and you will have no trouble.

7. Is my shade sail waterproof?

A, it can be, but most shade sail are not waterproof they are intact quite water resistant , and we can design the sale to ramp down towards lower posts to help any rain water sleet of the sail faster , but if the shade sail is manufactured with shade cloth , it is not a waterproof sail, you will get slight rain protection but that is all.

We can manufacture a waterproof shade sail using a PVC or a PTFE , off course a waterproof sail does have larger costs involved.

The question I always ask customers is, are you going to be out here if it’s raining?

If the answer is no not really then it might be better to save some money install a shade sail and spend the money you save on yourself.

8. Can I remove shade during winter?

A, yes off course you can, keep in mind your shade sail carries a 10 years warranty so it is built to last , but if you wish to remove the sail to allow more light into an area during the colder months then yes go for it. Please ensure your shade sail is kept in a dry safe place and rolled up nice and tight for storage.

One of our staff members will be more then happy to assist you in the removal and reinstallation of your sail. Or you can simply do it yourself,

Getting the sail down is a,lot easier then getting it up. Make sure you have access to a lever block / winch so you can re install the sail to the correct tension , you don’t want to have a loose sail flapping around in the wind, this can cause damage to your sail or the connection points the sail is installed to.

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