Modern Carports in Melbourne

Functional and stylish: Modern Carports in Melbourne

With modern trends towards architecture becoming more reliant on glass, steel and reinforced concrete, the landscape of Melbourne is changing. The Victorian architecture of Flinders street still exists but is counterbalanced with the likes of federation square. We can see the Victorian influence in the General Post office, and modernism in Melbourne’s tallest building Eureka Tower.

But outside of the CBD we see the old and the new often sharing the same street. And while the integrity of the old should always be retained, the shift towards more modern design cannot be dissuaded. Future Shade has witnessed the impact of this in an oft-overlooked home feature. That is Melbourne’s carports.

One of the elements unique to this city is parking. More often than not garage parking is not available. This has lead homeowners towards creative design alternatives to accommodate the family car.

And with limited space, carports have evolved in both function and design. Some designs place support posts to one side, minimizing the real estate of the carport whilst still protecting cars from Melbourne’s indecisive weather.

Furthermore, the quality of materials doesn’t just look good but are also created to endure 125km winds, with polycarbonate roofing shields made 250 times stronger than glass. This ensures the car has ample protection from the elements; rain, hail or shine.

While the practical applications of a carport cannot be understated, the design is just as important. Consider a homes resale value. With no garage a carport can be a welcome alternative to parking. And a smart design modern carport, can be constructed to match the aesthetic of your home.

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So, for a smart investment as well as smart design, consider a modern looking carport in Melbourne. Future shade are experts in carports, offering hassle-free installation. Call us today on 1300 336 776.

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