Building Regulations for Carport’s in Melbourne and Nation Wide

The building regulations for the construction of carports vary state to state and may even differ council to council across Australia. As Melbourne’s carport specialists, Future Shade supply and install carports in line with regulatory conditions across the state of Victoria and nationwide. So if you’re considering an investment in your home in the shape of a carport, here’s a few guidelines to help you navigate that process.

Definition of a carport

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) has a carport classified as a Class 10a building and is defined as a structure built to house vehicles. The structure must be open on at least two sides and one third of the carport’s total perimeter.

Do all carports require a building permit?

It is prudent to assume that your carport of choice will require a permit. This assumption will potentially save you time and help manage your expectations as you begin the process.


If you are building a carport in Melbourne under Schedule 8 of the Building Regulations 2006, a carport (as a Class 10a building) does not require a permit if:

  • It is not composed of masonry
  • The total floor area is less than 10m2
  • Is situated behind the front wall of the main residence
  • The height is less than 3m or 2.4m within 1m of the boundary of the property
  • Is attached to another building on the same property

New South Wales

Many minor home renovations including carports form part of an ‘exempt development’ and as long as the project meets specific development standards and land requirements, no planning or building approval is needed. We do recommend consulting with your local authority before building, particularly if your property is located in a foreshore area.


It is recommended that you contact your local council as carports built in Tasmania do require a permit.


Where your property is located and zoned is a deciding factor in whether you need a building permit in Queensland. Generally speaking you will require building approval for a carport construction in Queensland.

South Australia

If your carport of choice meets requirements as laid out in the Residential Code, you will only require building approval and not planning assessment or consent. This approval usually takes up to 25 working days and can be sought from your local council or a private certifier.

Western Australia

In the state of Western Australia all carport structures require a Building License and Development Approval.

Northern Territory

Carports constructed in the Northern Territory will ‘usually’ require building approval. Approval may be sought via an NT registered Building Certifier or an approved Self-Certifying Manufacturer.

Building a carport is an investment in your home, enhancing the kerbside appeal of your property. Working within regulatory requirements and engineer’s specifications will ensure your investment stands up to potential scrutiny when you go to sell, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in future rebuilds.

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