Why Building a Carport is an Investment

Contemporary and cutting edge, a Future Shade carport is a multipurpose structure designed to protect your vehicle while complementing the exterior of your home. Offering a variety of benefits, a carport will not only reduce the rate of depreciation of your vehicle, protecting it from hail damage or the fading of interior fabrics, it will also offer additional value to your property.

Melbourne’s carports need to be structurally superior, formidable and high functioning – ably equipped to combat the seasonal temperament of Victorian weather. The installation of a carport is a renovation investment, adding protection and value to the price of your home. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits associated with a Future Shade carport:

Weather protection: Carports in Melbourne such as the market leading Cantaport are built to withhold winds of up to 125km, fend hail damage and provide 100% blockage from UV rays. Reducing paint and interior fabric fade and the effects of weathering, a carport is an effective and efficient shelter solution.

Aesthetics: Complementing the aesthetics of your home, Future Shade as Melbourne’s carport specialists install carports that are made from quality polycarbonate roofing shield with an anodised aluminium framework. Choosing from a selection of colours, your carport becomes a stylish, sleek, minimalist extension to your home.

Multipurpose: Not only will your carport protect your vehicle including boats, motorhomes and caravans from the elements, it will also multipurpose as an al fresco dining area if required. The contemporary, cutting edge styling’s of the Cantaport allows for flexibility of use.

Cost effective: A more financially friendly way to protect and store your car, our carports are quicker and easier to install and only a fraction of the cost of a garage.

Protection against theft: A carport will ensure your vehicle, boat or motorhome is visible to you at all times. This will help you to protect your property from theft.

Choice: When building a garage there is very little flexibility in regards to the positioning of the structure. However with our cantilevered carport design you can select an alternative location due to its innovative space saving design.

Increase Property Value: Your home is the most significant financial investment you will make. Installing a carport will increase your kerb appeal and guarantee protection for a potential homebuyer’s car. As a sophisticated yet highly functional extension, the carport will streamline the appearance of your home and provide extra storage when needed.

As Melbourne’s Carport specialists we can install a carport that duplicates the distinct character of your home. Call the team at Future Shade on 1300 336 776 for your personalised consultation today.

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